Asking for Advice: What do You do When You Run Low on Motivation? PLEASE, HELP!!


I need some help getting my mind in working order. In the past few months, any kind of motivation I may have had to write, edit or do anything has slowly slipped away. Do you ever feel like that, and if so what do you do to regain/maintain your mental energy? I have tried changing my diet, meditation and a few other things just in case my creative funk was related to some type of mental cloudiness or depression. The changes I’ve made have helped a bit, but I still feel as if my mind is sluggish and weighed down. Last week I started writing a new story and it felt great, but when I looked over it again I realized that it was a word for word copy of a story I had written two months ago. Right now it feels as if my mind is a backfiring engine churning out the same ideas again and again.

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Running Low on Everything

I am going to talk all of this over with my doctor just in case there’s some other psychical or mental issue that I am not thinking of, but it’ll be a while before I can get an appointment, so in the meantime I wanted to ask you guys for your opinions. What do you do in your daily lives that gives you the motivation and drive to continue towards your goals?
I’d really appreciate some help because I honestly don’t know what I’m doing right now.

Writing Exercise of the Day: Psychical Emotion

Exercise of the Day

In this exercise what I want you to do is to write a short story with a character who is in the grips of an intense emotion, but do not directly mention the emotion. Instead, try to describe the emotion or rather its impact on your character by describing the psychical impact that emotion may have on their bodies. For example, instead of simply saying that your character was angry you could say something like, “Bob thundered around the room, his stomach in knots and his eyes glaring so intensely he seemed more like a ravenous panther thirsting for the prowl.”


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4 responses to “Asking for Advice: What do You do When You Run Low on Motivation? PLEASE, HELP!!

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email today. I’d just lamented to three of my writer-friends that I was in a slump, thought my writing was worthless and I was ready to throw in the towel. Apparently, they’d been feeling the same way. We bolstered each other up. “Hang in there,” etc. And then I get YOUR post . I wonder if there’s some cosmic event going on that’s affecting writers this month.

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    • Maybe Mercury is in retrograde!! LOL!! I am really not sure if it’s a cosmic event in my case, or more of a mental fog. All I really know is that writing is usually hard, but lately it seems like any ideas I have are dipping through my head like molasses. Hope you are feeling better!! ❤


  2. Here’s one advice that works wonders, creative writing wise. I got it from a fellow writer, and you might already know about it, but I just thought I’d shared anyway: Refill your well.
    For a week or two, don’t work on your manuscript.
    Read a ton, watch movies, see your friends, go out for long walks, nap if you can, all Guilt-free.
    Hang it there, it will get better!

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