The Times and Trials of a Bookworm

I’ve said before that the vast majority of writers begin first as readers which I still think is true, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. One of my younger cousins was complaining about having to read a boring book for class and when I told them the list of books I had to read for my lit courses she said “well that’s different! You like reading!!” True, I do enjoy reading but that doesn’t make it any easier.

For me, my struggles with reading started in kindergarten. For some reason I just couldn’t get the hang of reading. I knew my letters because of the alphabet song and the like, but I couldn’t make sense of written words. They told me “This is an A, this is a B, and this is a C”, to which I would reply “No it isn’t!!! That one looks like a funny hat, that one’s a snowman, and that one is a squiggle!” After literally months of these little episodes my teacher was thinking I had something like dyslexia and I just thought I was stupid. I would sit for hours holding my books in my room and would try to piece together the mystery of what they meant. For almost an entire year I saw my classmates breezing through books while I was still stuck on page two. Finally someone had the thought “maybe there’s something wrong with her eyes”. EUREKA!!!!

As easy as ABC? I WISH!!! :)

As easy as ABC? I WISH!!! 🙂

I went to the eye doctor and after my exam I remember that he told my mother “I’m not surprised she’s having trouble reading!! She really needs glasses.” So finally after almost an entire school year the mystery of my “reading problems” were solved. For a long after kindergarten I absolutely hated reading. Whenever I picked up a book I remembered the struggles I had and how stupid they made me feel. For nearly 13 years I avoided reading whenever I could but slowly I learned to let go of those negative feelings and let myself fall into the wonderful world of books. Now that’s not to say reading isn’t still a struggle. Even with glasses every once in a while I get terrible migraines and more often than not my mind starts wandering and by the time it wanders back to the book I can’t even remember what page I was on. So for me reading is wonderful and I really enjoy it, but it’s a struggle. But when I finally reach the end of a book I feel like I’ve just won a massive battle. So yeah for me reading is a struggle, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth it!!!

Reading = Worth the stuggle

Reading = Worth the struggle


Exercise of the Day:  The Lesser of Two Evils Exercise

Exercise of the Day

Exercise of the Day

Imagine a situation where your character must choose between sacrificing two things, both of which are important to them. Describe the situation itself, the two things your character is deciding between and also the thought process they would use to come to a decision. How would the situation resolve itself? How would the character feel at the end?

Weighing the options

Weighing the options


Have fun with this exercise!! Feel free to comment! I love feedback!




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5 responses to “The Times and Trials of a Bookworm

  1. I have always loved reading. The struggle comes when faced with a book by an author I generally enjoy, like Pratchett, and discover it falls short of my expectations.
    Read it all, or ditch it?
    With Sir Terry, I give him the benefit of the doubt, but have not always been thrilled.
    Then again, that we all find different things enjoyable adds to the mix.
    Which is great, as it means that there’s bound to be someone who will enjoy my writing. lol…


    • Well all authors, even our favorites, have books that when we read them seem to fall flat. It doesn’t mean the author is not still great. There are very few authors who are able to meet readers’ high expectation every time. For me when I find a book that just doesn’t work for me I tend to give it up. It takes me a long time to read a book even if it’s one I am enjoying, so why would I spend even more time to finish reading a book I do not like? Thank you for all of the comments!!! It’s been a lot of fun reading and responding to them!


      • In Terry Pratchett’s case I feel sure his illness has affected his writing. Maybe not much, but it does show.
        My gut tells me Unseen University for example, was helped along by the bloke who assists him.
        I’ll add that this was the only book of his that I really struggled with because it didn’t come across as solely his voice.
        But what do I know? 🙂

        The Truth( to my mind) is the best comic fantasy novel ever written.


        • That may be the case, I’ve heard of Pratchett but I’ve never read any of his books so I can’t say for sure that his Alzheimer’s didn’t effect his work, but you never know. That disease changes so much of your mind it’s hard to say.


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