Discussion: What Popular Books Annoy You?

Discussion: What Popular Books Annoy You?


We all know that there are a lot of books in the world, more than an average human could read in a lifetime, but have you ever read a book that other readers/critics fawned over and just not seen the big deal? Well now’s the time to let your opinion be heard!!!

Here’s a list of some of my least favorite:

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

My problems with this do not come from its religious implications,  but from its flawed storytelling. This is one of those books that gets super-hyped because of its controversy and not because it’s actually a good book. The writing used in this book, despite some of its more “adult” moments, felt like it was written with a 5th grader’s vocabulary. Bottom line: Interesting concept + over hyped controversy + poor execution = a book that’s just not worth the time.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

I know this is a classic the majority of us had to read freshman year of high school, but see that’s the point. This one gets on my nerves because it is over-taught. I guess it also winds up on this list for me because it’s one of the plays that when I say I like Shakespeare, people just assume I love. Bottom line: It’s not that it’s actually bad, it just annoys me that all the schools near me think that this is the only one of Shakespeare’s plays that’s worth teaching.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

This book is considered by some to be one of the greatest romances of all time…I just don’t get it. All of the characters are so wildly unlikable that I really had to force myself to finish it. I found no redeeming qualities in any of the characters which really made reading this book a struggle. Bottom line: The characters in this book were so mean to one another and just so generally stupid that I hated them and didn’t care what happened to them.

What are some popular books that for one reason or another annoyed you? Feel free to comment below!

Exercise of the Day

Exercise of the Day

Exercise of the Day: The Last Meal

Imagine a scene where one of your favorite characters is on death row. Imagine how they feel about their impending death. How do they feel? What do they think of? What do they have as their last meal? How does the meal reflect on the personality of the character?

Have fun with this and I’ll see you next time!!!!!





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21 responses to “Discussion: What Popular Books Annoy You?

  1. The Book Thief and The Boy in Striped Pajamas both annoy me. The Kite Runner is way overrated.


    • I tried to read The Kite Runner, but for some reason it just didn’t speak to me. I can honestly say I’ve heard of the other two, but I’ve never read them. I read some reviews and they were all good. That puts me on edge. Whenever a book gets 99% glowing reviews a little part of me says “OK, someone must have stuffed the ballot box on this one”. So I totally agree


  2. The Catcher is the Rye is overrated. I know I’m supposed to love it but I hate it. Also Kafka on the Shore.

    I loved Memoirs of a Geisha but hate what the movie did to it. Not sure I want to see what film did to Life of Pi.

    Popular books I think are no good: Twilight, and I’m sorry to say Hunger Games is very overrated, though I’d take Katniss over Bella any day.


    • I didn’t mind Twilight the first time I read it because it was summer, I had just come off a really intense Lit course where we had to read 8 postmodern book in 3 months, so I needed a beach book. You know? Just a fun book where you really don’t have to think. As far as not having to think Twilight was perfect!!! The Hunger Games as a book I liked it a lot more. I could tell that it was written for a younger audience but it has a much more interesting plot than Twilight and some cool thematic bits. The characters were a bit predictable, but I can deal with that.

      I totally agree with you about Catcher in the Rye. Holden is such a pseudo-intellectual jerk. He’s always ranting about everyone else being fake because he’s to scared to admit the truth, that he is faker than all the rest of them combined. Maybe that was the point? Isn’t that a psychological thing…ummm…PROJECTION!!! The thing we hate most about ourselves is the thing we criticize others for. I don’t know. That book just annoys me.


  3. Fifty Shades of Grey. By a mile. Maybe not loved by critics, but man…


  4. Can’t agree more about Wuthering Heights. Nothing redeeming in that story. The one book I had to read in high school and absolutely hated was The Scarlet Letter. Ugh.


  5. Anything by Dan Brown annoys me.


    • When I first read Twilight I didn’t mind it. I had just come off a really intense lit course and I needed a good beach book. Just a book with a semi-interesting story that I really didn’t have to think about. Twilight was perfect for not having to think! 🙂 Outside of that I think that the series is mainly popular now because of the movies. Not sure why though because I found the movies boring. *shrugs* Whatever. I may not like what the kids are reading, but at least they’re reading.


  6. I have all of Shakespeare’s works and never enjoyed one of them. Does this make me a Neanderthal?
    ”A whore’s, a whore’s, my kingdom for a whore’s.” </em.
    We had to do Richard III at school . I despised the book.
    A whore's what? It is never explained

    I have attempted to read Harry Potter three times and never managed to get past the first chapter. ( I felt the same way about Donaldson's Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant)


    • It certainly does not make you a Neanderthal! Different strokes for different folks. Usually if it’s a Shakespeare I was forced to read for school I ended up not liking it, but if it is one I read on my own I ended up liking it. I had to read R&J freshman year like nearly everyone else so I don’t like it, but I read Othello on my own so I really like that one. Thanks for reading and commenting!!!


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