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Welcome to the Writer’s Cafe!


Welcome to the newly opened Writer’s Café!

In this 24/7 literary hotspot I’ll be dishing out advice and tips for all kind of writers. Whether you want to write plays, screenplays or even novels you’ll be able to come here for suggestions and even writing exercises to help you generate ideas and battle the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK.

For the last eight years I have been finding my way through the deep and mysterious world of writing. If you’ve ever been curious about writing and just didn’t know where to start, or even if you’ve been writing for years, this blog will give you the chance to talk with other writers and maybe get some new ideas. Maybe you’re stuck on something and just need a little help, come on in!



Today’s Special

I am going to start you out the same way I started 8 years ago when I became serious about writing. My playwriting teacher in high school wanted us to go out into our community and listen to the different ways other people talk. For example, I’m a girl and when I first started writing all of my make characters sounded like girls. I just wasn’t used to thinking from a male point of view. I had to learn to write characters that didn’t sound like me. All you need to do for this exercise is to go somewhere like a grocery store or a movie theatre and to listen to a conversation. Keep that conversation in your mind and when you get home, try to write out that conversation in play, or even book format. This exercise will help to keep your dialogue and characters fresh and interesting.

That’s it for today folks! If you have anything you’re having trouble with, or just want to rant for a while I’ll be here!

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